Roxy's Salon and Spa


Roxy's will let you unwind and relax with a spa retreat complete with pampering, relaxation, and freedom from the mental and physical effects of our stressful lives. Corporate or private sessions delivered right to your home or office!

This is the new generation of spa service.  Roxy’s Mobile Spa is a traveling spa service that sends the spa experience to you.  Enjoy a relaxing day in the comfort of your own home or a mini touch of heaven in your office.

Wherever the destination, we encourage all of our clients to forget where they are and indulge themselves into a deep level of relaxation.  We offer a full range of day spa services provided by licensed and seasoned professionals. Invite us over. We’ll be the most relaxing houseguests you’ve ever spent time with.

So why get in your car and drive to a spa miles away and then lose the whole relaxing experience while driving home?  Instead, let the spa come to you.  Roxy’s is available for any corporate, private, or special event where relaxation is needed.